Friday, 07 October 2022


Human Resources.

rrhhThe Transport Research Center (TRANSyT) is located in the School of Civil Engineers at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid where more than 40 researchers, including seniors and scholars, developing their activities.





Software in the Transport Systems Laboratory.

recinformaticosLicenses at disposal: classic modelling and transport planing packages like EMME/2, Visum-Vissim, CUBE, ... and support systems like Statgraphics or SPSS for statistical information processing.

Programmes for Transport Formation: GUTs Y PLUTO, designed at the Transport Institute of the University of Leeds.

Collaboration in the development of a strategic transport and land use model called MARS (Metropolitan Activity Relocation Simulator) together with the Vienna University of Technology.


Geographic Information Systems.

sigFor the processing of information is used Geographic Information System ArcGis - ArcView and ArcInfo, MapInfo, wich serve as support for geo-referenced data bases and for the analysis of transport planning processes.






bibliotecaThere is a specialized library with more than 4.500 volumes, highlighting the ones related to transport planning, external quantification, financiation of ifrastructures and demand modelling. The Transport Research Center (TRANSyT) is taking out subscription for the principal technical magazines (more than 25), and bibliography exchange agreements with the Madrid Transport Consortium, Ministry of Public Works and Buildings and Foundation of Spanish Railways.





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