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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

School of Civil Engineering - UPM

Dept of Transport & Territory

School of Forestry Engineers - UPM      

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Faculty of History - UCM

Faculty of Economics - UCM

National University of Distance Education

Faculty of Economics - UNED

Master in Civil Eng. Systems

Doctorate in Civil Eng. Systems

Master in City Science     

Campus of Excellence

Transport Institutions

European Metropolitan Transport Authorities

EU Conf. of Transport Research Institutes

Consorcio de Transporte de Madrid

Observatorio de la Movilidad Metropolitana



Fund. Francisco Corell

Foro de Infraestructuras de Servicios

Transport Research Board

POLIS. Network of European Cities

Comisión Europea - Movilidad y Transporte.



Int'l Transport Forum

Official Entities

Profesional Association of Civil Engineers in Madrid

Directorate of Education. Region of Madrid

Ministry of Public Works    

Min. of Agriculture, Food & Environment

Min. of Education, Culture & Sport

Transport Journals and Newsletters

Carreteras (AEC)

Líneas de Tren (ADIF)

Seguridad Vial    

Vía Libre

Journal of Transport Geography

Journal of Transportation Engineering

Journal of Transport (proceeding ICE)

Transport Policy (Elsevier)

Transport Reviews (Taylos & Francis)

Journal of Transportation Engineering

Transportation (Springer)

Transportation Research (Elsevier)

European Transport Research Review

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