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stepsSTEPS. Scenarios for the Transport system and Energy supply and their Potential effectS.
Period: January 2004 - June 2006.
Financing entity: D.G. Research. European Commission, 6th Framework Programme
Priority: Sustainable Surface Transport.
Researchers: Andrés Monzón (PI), Elena López, Pedro Pérez, Paul Pfaffenbichler.
Status: Finished


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The European Commission is progressive in setting challenging targets for future developments in the transport energy system. These derive from:

  • the need to reduce the use of polluting transport means in populated areas while maintaining the same level of accessibility
  • to put on course the transition towards an environmentally harmless transport system based on renewable fuels and reduced environmental noise emissions;

The target for STEPs included: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to reach a level of 30% replacement of fossil fuels by 2020; Objectives like the development of medium term technologies necessary to meet the Euro V emissions standards. The overall aim of STEPs was to develop, compare and assess possible scenarios for the transport system and energy supply of the future and supports both the overall FP6 programme objective and the specific future needs of the transport energy sector. In doing this it took into account effects such as:

  • autonomy and security of energy supply,
  • effects on the environment,
  • economic,
  • technical and industrial viability,
  • interactions between transport & land use.


Official Web site of the project: http://www.steps-eu.com




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