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plumePLUME. Planning and Urban Mobility in Europe
Period: November 2002 - March 2005
Financing entity: D.G. Research. European Commission, 6th Framework Programme.
Programme: EESD-2001 Key Actions-City of Tomorrow
Researchers: Andrés Monzón (PI), María Eugenia López.
Status: Finnished



PLUME aims to facilitate the transfer of innovation in the field of planning and urban mobility from the research community to end users in the cities of Europe in order to improve the quality of life. This will be achieved by reviewing the needs of end users in the field of sustainable urban development, land use and transport planning.

PLUME also aims to synthesize results of relevant national and international projects and produce an annual state of the art review, providing a readily assimilated summary of best practice in the development of sustainable mobility in cities. Independent experts will also be invited to review the applicability of the research results. The project partners will work with participants in the initiative to establish a system for benchmarking the performance of cities and LUTR policies.

PLUME has also facilitated discussions between researchers and end users at a series of workshops and seeks to disseminate and exploit best practices



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