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CostActionCOST TU603 - BHLS. Buses with a high level of service
Period: 2007 - 2011.
Financing entity: Cost Office. European Science Foudantion
Researchers: María Eugenia López (IP), Cristina Valdés.
Status: Finished

Other participating entities

UITP - Brussels (Belgium), SRWT - Namur (Belgium), TRC - Prague (Czeck Republic), Nantes Métropole (France), Certu - Lyon (France), Verkehrs - und Tarifverbund Stuttgart (Germany), University of Athens (Greece),  Dublin City (Ireland), Dublin Bus (Ireland), L.A.S.T.-Universita Degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria (Italy), For ENEA - Roma (Italy), Balancia - Amsterdam (Netherlands), Carris - Lisbon (Portugal),  URTP - Bucharest (Rumania), CRTM - Madrid (Spain), CEDEX - Madrid (Spain),  Bjerkemo Konsult - Lund (Sweden), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), I.T.P. Ltd - Milton Keynes (united Kingdom), Greater Manchester PTE  (United Kingdom)


In order to capitalise the best practices and to understand how to enhance the bus image, a COST Action (TU O603, Octber 2007 - November 2011) has released his final report.
UITP hosts now this web site for going forward collecting the fruitful outputs regarding this growing BHLS market in Europe, with the help of the former COST group from 14 EU countries involved in this COST action supported by the COST office
35 BHLS schemes in operation have been analysed. The final report, presents their fundamental characteristics, some key-issues and recommendations for designers and decision-making
Different conceptual acronyms are observed, such as in England and in Ireland under the name “Quality Bus Corridor”, in France (Bus à Haut Niveau de Service “–BHNS), in Germany (metrobus concept), in the Netherlands (HOV – “Hoogwaardig Openbaar Vervoer”)
All these experiments dealt with “High capacity bus systems” and a better structured bus network

All outputs and data are splited in these four items:

  • BHLS descriptions
  • Analysis of the best practices
  • Reports, guidelines for designers and decision-making
  • Dissemination Articles

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