Tuesday, 27 September 2022

millMILL. Model of Integration of Linear Infrastructure Layouts in Landscape and Environment using GIS
Period: January 1st 2011 - December 31th 2013
Financing entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation
Programme: National R&D+i Plan 2008-2011. Subprogramme for Fundamental Research Projects
Researchers: Rosa Mª Arce (PI), Manuel Loro, Isabel Otero, Belén Martín, Emilio Ortega.
Other research entities: University of Granada
Status: Ongoing


Environmental Impact Assessment has helped to integrate environmental considerations in the selection phase of linear infrastructure corridors, where the use of GIS is fairly widespread. However, there is no real integration of environment and landscape in the detailed design of infrastructure (Layout Projects), unless exceptional cases, because the real action at the design stage are reduced to the proposal of remedial measures derived from the Environmental Impact Study or the requirements of the Environmental Impact Statement, and the good intentions of the designer.

This project aims to go one step further in integration of landscape and environment in linear infrastructure design by strengthening the knowledge to develop methodologies and scientific tools needed for integrate landscape, environmental variables and environmental sustainability principles and elements as components of the structural and functional infrastructure design, culminating in the development of a model based on GIS, which will allow to design the infrastructure corridor taking into account, on the one hand, the geometry and technical characteristics of the layout and, on the other hand, the environmental characteristics of the surrounding landscape, running, both as a model for the layout and, also, of location and design of preventive, corrective and compensatory measures, and integrating the concepts inherent in sustainability as energy savings or emissions, in a way that it will be useful to the designers as a sustainable design guide


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