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trivalue2TRI-VALUE. Ex-post evaluation of Transport Research and Innovation in the FP7 ‘Cooperation’ Programme Proposal
Periodo: mayo 2013 - julio 2014
Organismo: Comisión Europea 7º Programa Marco
Investigadores: Ángel Aparicio y Floridea Di Ciommo
Otras instituciones participantes: TIS PT, Consultores em Transportes, Inovacao e Sistemas, S.A. (Portugal), Universidad de Leeds (Ingalterra), Fraunhofer-Geselschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V. (Alemania), Inovamais (Portugal), Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (Grecia)
Estado: Concluido


TRI-VALUE will look back into the FP7 work on transport with the aim of performing an ex-post evaluation.

The objectives are:

  1. analyse implementation and management;
  2. assess achievements and impacts of the transport research financed by FP7 (regarding specific objectives, economic, social and environmental impacts);
  3. evaluate efficiency, effectiveness and relevance of the funding;
  4. and assess sustainability and utility of the programmes.

This information will be used to outline conclusions and recommendations for improving transport research and innovation. Given the complexity and timeframe of the topic, a straightforward methodology is proposed, inspired in consultancy projects.

An inception meeting will be held to open direct a communication pathway with the Commission, to be maintained throughout the project. TRI-VALUE proposes to build its analytical framework based on the Research Impact Pathway methodology (developed in SITPRO and SITPRO Plus projects), to be adapted to reflect latest developments and address specific needs of TRI-VALUE (e.g. with inputs from MARPOS, METRONOME, ‘Interim Evaluation of the FP7’ and ‘Impact Assessment to Horizon 2020’). The assessment will then be prepared combining primary data (survey, project reviews and stakeholder consultation) and secondary data (databases, e.g. CORDA, SESAM; and from other projects, e.g. ‘Impact Assessment to Horizon 2020’ or EU TRAIN).

This work will allow an analysis of performance across a set of indicators, complemented by a comparison with R&I systems from other economies. The team was established bearing in mind the need to capitalize knowledge from other projects. In addition to a balanced composition between consultants, research centres and universities, merging experience in transport with innovation systems and know-how of thematic areas within transport, the partnership brings in knowledge from, e.g. SITPRO, SITPRO Plus, MARPOS, METRONOME, Market-up, Pro Inno, EUTRAIN and DETRA.